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My details

I am a Senior Software Engineer seeking full time employment.

I am currently working full time for FanDuel as a software engineer. Being part of this team has been a great and fulfilling experience.

Now that I have more of this experience I am open to moving on and furthering my skills for the right role.


FanDuel Senior Software Engineer | 2019 - present sportsbook.fanduel.com

I joined FanDuel as a software engineer in 2019, since then I have been promoted twice and gained a wealth of experience in full stack software engineering.

In my role as acting lead, I’ve spearheaded multiple teams of 6-8 engineers, guiding phases of the project lifecycle, from concept to deployment, ensuring alignment with business goals.

I have planned, architected and implemented robust and scalable web and native applications using microservice architecture, fostering a culture of code quality, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Collaboration with stakeholders to translate business needs into technical specifications has also been a large part of my role in ensuring effective delivery of projects.

Arnold Clark Web designer | 2017 - 2019 arnoldclark.com / arnoldclarkrental.com / acvm.com / activacontracts.co.uk

At Arnold Clark, my day to day consists of designing and building web pages and applications in an agile environment. While my current job is a mixture of design and development, my main skillset lies in the more technical aspect of my role. Having the most from my time as a freelancer, I am the “go to guy” in our team for front-end jobs. Here I also help maintain our own CSS framework and introduced utility classes which our team now use.

Self employed Web designer & developer | 2015 - present elisweb.co.uk

I began my own company as a sole trader in November of 2015. I have built myself a respectable client base and portfolio. I spend time speaking to potential clients and outlining the services I can offer which cover most aspects of front-end web development. I hand-code all my websites and I have a lot of experience using Bootstrap. My current client base ranges from small to medium sized businesses and some international clients.

Skills summary

Throughout my time as a freelancer and as a web designer I have gained a broad range of clients and completed a diverse list of projects.

I have a wealth of experience in full-stack software engineering centering around frontend technologies.

I am highly experienced in both React and React Native and have launched my own apps on iOS and Android

I've also built many microservices using NodeJS and small amounts of Python

I am capable of creating and maintaining workflows using tools such as Gulp, Webpack and Grunt. Through these skills I have also shown my understanding of the command line.

Previously in my career, though not for some time now, I have explored back-end development using technologies such as PHP, MySQL and AJAX to run server-side scripts instantly. I am well experienced in database creation, management and normalization.

More recently my job has required me to write small amounts of Ruby which I managed to pick up quickly as most back-end languages follow a similar syntax and logic flow.

As a freelancer, I have experience in the entire web development process from initial meetings with clients, through the design process right up to testing and uploading to the client's chosen server.

As well as extensive experience with the technologies mentioned above, I capable of using design software such as Adobe's Creative Cloud package. My day to day consists largely of using Sketch and Invision too.

I have recently worked with a few clients that have required development to existing WordPress plugins and themes and I am now confident in my understanding of the CMS.

With all of these skills, I am able to write my code cleanly, efficiently and properly managed by using version control on Github.


HND Interactive Media: Web Development
City of Glasgow College
Graduated June 2016

I graduated from the City of Glasgow college with an A grade in my HND in web development. Here we learned the basics of web design and some of the core languages used in web development. Within my own work, I had already learned the majority skills taught on this course but I benefitted from certain subjects such as XML, MySQL and PHP which I had not yet found time to learn.

This course culminated in a large project which entailed creating a website for a fake client based on a real company. The brief consisted of creating both the front-end and back-end of their new website by following their existing branding. As the requirements for the project were fairly simple and lacked a sense of challenge, I greatly expanded the project to include more advanced features such as a booking system, custom built mailing list system and analytics as well as a multi-level login system for admin and general users.

During my course, as the only student with industry experience, I was often asked to help others with their learning. I value my ability to learn new things quickly and I'm always more than happy to help others.

Projects and Acknowledgements

I have had too many great clients to talk about each individually. My website contains a select few projects but there have been many more, especially from my latest job role.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to see any more examples of my work.


Past Experience

Before becoming a web developer, I had a lengthy and successful career as a chef. I worked for three years through small restaurants and hotels and then went on to work as a chef at the five star Gleneagles Hotel. As a chef, I gained a strong work ethic and team working skills as well as a keen eye for detail which has helped me greatly in my design work.

Personal Interests

I recently completed a round the world trip after leaving my job at Gleneagles. During this trip, I had adventures such as travelling through India on trains, picking apples and living in a campervan in New Zealand, staying on islands in Malaysia and Fiji and climbing mountains in Peru.Aside from travelling I enjoy socialising, playing video games and of course I love to write code. I often spend my free time creating online applications in order to further my skills.


References from previous employers and clients are available on request.